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Property Investment Series : Focus Ghana 2007.

In business stories, IT Major Satyam faced the anger of its stockholders and called off $1.

The deal statement also caused the fifty five % drop in the companys share worth on the North American bourses. With this, the governing body also reduced IR on loans to micro, tiny and medium companies.

The current issues facing Ghana’s property market include the incontrovertible fact that those purchasing resale land and property frequently buy legal proceedings instead of land title because there isn't any decent system in place for the registration of title deeds and transfers and as the conveyancing system lacks transparency. Similarly there are issues in the key towns with homelessness and even those with a need to own their own houses and who've got a decent income with which to afford a house loan have limited and constrained access to mortgages in Ghana.

The current state in Ghana inherited the situation as detailed above but are one hundred pc targeted on changing these issues and developing a country of middle earnings property owners. With this consequential move, the Federal Agency made it obvious it'll use all available and unproven tools in its attempts to dissolve life into unhealthy US economy and stop any downward strain on client costs. They are saying sustained recovery in the markets that would bring confidence in the economy, might occur in late 2009. Get some more info all about home loans south africa

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