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Moving To Australia : Special Visas For Doctors And Nurses!

Working in Australia as a Doctor There are several options available for a doctor to get a Visa in Australia. It's an Australian Govt. programme which has been developed by the Office of Health and aging for Australian medical companies and foreign doctors and nurses which have been trained outside of Australia. After the Visa has been granted, doctors who propose to prescribe medicines or work generally practice must make an application for a Medicare Supplier Number with Medicare Australia.

You must read all the details of each Visa to establish which one is best for you. Holders of this Visa also will be ready to add family members to their Visa application so they can live in Australia without their own Visa issues. Working in Australia as a Nurse Australia has a heavy demand for nurses. You need to read all the details of each Visa to ascertain which one is correct for you. Short lived Business ( Long Stay ) visa ( subclass 457 ) With the Long Stay subclass 457 Visa, Nurses may work in Australia for at least four years for an authorised employer sponsor. Dependent family members could also work and study in Australia with the candidate. Employer Proposal Scheme Nurses from overseas must be at least eighteen years old and under forty five years old with topical work experience, education and qualifications. Regional Funded Migration Scheme Foreign nationals with qualifications that are identical to a 2 year study for an Australian diploma may qualify to make an application for an everlasting visa. Nurses must be backed by an Australian employer to work in a regional area where categorical talents are required in Australia.
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